Installation SCCM CB 1511

Ingénieur PDT spécialisé dans la gestion des solutions Microsoft System Center Leader Equipe Infrastructure Microsoft Installation de SCCM 1511 CB Cette procédure vise à décrire les étapes d’installation d’un serveur de site primaire SCCM stand-alone, en version 1511...

Microsoft Intune Step By Step by Mai Ali MVP

Voici un excellent tutorial eBook sur la mise en place de Microsoft Intune réalisé par le MVP Mai Ali Voici le contenu du contenu : Here is outline of Microsoft Intune Step By Step eBook (pdf): Chapter 1 – Definition of Microsoft Intune. Chapter 2 –...

How to Import one or multiple computers at once ?

  You’ll absolutely need to add computer resources either manually or many computer resources at once into SCCM one day. Let me firstly explain how to import a single computer manually then we’ll go through the steps for many at once… Click on Devices and...

check packages_SQL Queries

All Packages available in SCCM 2 Package Deployment Detailed status for specific Advertisement ID 2 All Packages Total Targeted DP Counts 2 All Packages Compare targeted Packages on Two DPS 4 Compare Packages with two DP’S 4 All Software Distribution Packages without...

site servers_SQL Queries

All PCs discovered from specific site 2 All PCs client assigned and installed site code details 2 All Site Servers Issue MP components status 2 All Site Servers Issue DP components status 2 All Site Servers Issue DDR components status 3 All Site Servers Issue CCR...

sccm basic check_SQL Queries

Find SQL Server Installed Version 1 Find SCCM SQL Database Size with Database File Path 1 Find Overall SCCM Site Hierarchy Information 1 Find SCCM Site Hierarchy Detailed Information 1 Find Overall Windows Workstations Client Machines OS category with counts 2 Find...

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